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Mindset Coaching Performance

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San Jose Earthquakes

Mindset coaching performance was a great tool for advancing my coaching career. Within two weeks of my first course I was able to land a job with an MLS club. All the information discussed in the course played a pivotal role in the interview process as well as connecting with the coaches I will be working with everyday. Understanding leadership, personal growth and creating a culture were my biggest takeaways from this course.  I am extremely excited to continue to learn and grow and honored to have been part of the Mindset Coaching Performance Group and will continue to stay in touch as I keep growing in my career.


College Assistant and Ed.D in Leadership Development

The Mindset Coaching Performance team did a great job of opening up the mind of coaches to focus on other factors away from the x's and o's. To be the best coach you can be, this is a paramount skillset that taps into the relational side of coaching players. Through finding yourself, understanding what type of coach you are and want to strive to be, and understanding how to create a positive culture, are just some ways in which Mindset Coaching Performance can drive your coaching career forward.


Club Youth Director

I've been coaching soccer my whole adult live (I'm 52), and have taken numerous courses/classes to better my self as a coach and I can easily say that this course ranks up there with being one of the most beneficial courses I've taken. The way its laid out and presented made learning easy, along with the community of coaches I now can share and learn from has inspired me to do and be better for the kids and coaches I'm around every day. Rod has a knack for teaching a topic. He makes the topic discussed easy to follow and understand. The way the course is set up, with "breakout rooms" (this is where a small group of coaches join a chat room and discuss their experiences) a level of learning in itself. I highly recommend this course for any coach trying to find the next level in their career.


Elite Club Girls Director

The course presented new ideas for all levels and experiences of coaches. Mindset Coaching Performance provided some good insight to challenge coaches to grow individually as well as give practical info that coaches can take to build off in their respective environments.


ECNL Director

Came here with an open mind about improving my coaching mentality, the course made me self reflect not only in a professional way, but in a personal way as well. I truly recommend coaches to at least have a conversation with either Paul or Rod and sign up for their course.


Club, HS Coach

After many years of coaching, you get use to doing things a certain way. Mindset Coaching Performance actually gave me the opportunity to hear from other great coaches and reflectively dive deep on why I decided coaching. This course is a great way to get out of your bubble of coaching and approach things you possibly never thought about before.  The knowledge you get from the top coaches presenting to the other coaches was great. It was awesome the pick ideas from a well diverse amount of coaches.

Coach D

College and Club Coach

I would recommend this course for any young coach and even for experienced coaches who may already have an established philosophy. I think the information is relevant to any coach looking to grow and develop.


College Soccer Coach

Came into the course not knowing what to expect. I left after the 4 weeks of a better understanding of why I coach; who I want to be when I coach; and various ideas of how to coach. This course provided an opportunity for coaches to analyze themselves in an effort to improve. The network in this course is incredible as well. Coaches from various levels and backgrounds who provided well-informed insights and feedback. Looking forward to the next one!


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